On 11th October last, the Extraordinary Assembly of the Association of Andalusian Technology Centres ACENTA took place for the renewal of its Board of Directors. After two years of the previous board, as required by its statutes, a new Board of Directors was elected. The new members of the Board were unanimously approved, with the posts of president going to the CICAP Foundation represented by its director, Manuela Hernández García, vice-president to the TECNOVA Foundation represented by Mª del Carmen Galera Quiles and secretary to the CIAC Foundation represented by its manager, José Manuel Lloris Cormano. The positions of Member 1 were also approved, which went to the INNOVARCILLA Foundation represented by its manager Mr. José Ángel Laguna Martínez, and the second member was the CIDAF Foundation represented by its Business Development Manager, Ms. Ana Belén Vigil Chacón.

The new team proposed to strengthen the strategic lines initiated by the previous team, consolidating relations between the centres that make up the association and strengthening relations with the administration through the General Secretariat for Research and Innovation of the Department of University, Research and Innovation of the Andalusian Regional Government.

The Assembly took place in the facilities of the CIAC Foundation Andalusian Innovation Centre for Sustainable Construction, located in the Rabanales 21 Science and Technology Park in Cordoba.