Pilot Process Development and Scaling

Experimental conditions at industrial level differ greatly from the optimal conditions obtained in the laboratory, so pilot scale-up is necessary to adjust the necessary parameters to achieve good results in large-scale production.

CIDAF has a pilot plant that allows scaling up a multitude of laboratory processes as well as optimising certain parameters of experimental processes prior to their industrial production. In addition, these technologies allow us to work with smaller volumes of product, making it possible to carry out a greater number of tests at a lower cost with the aim of outlining the best formulation to be taken to industrial production.

  • Formulation and fermentation.
  • Filtration and concentration by membrane technology.
  • Heat treatment by UHT or autoclave.
  • In-line aseptic dosing service for heat-treated products.
  • Emulsification and stabilisation of fats and oils.
  • Encapsulation and Spray Drying.
  • Drying services with Biconic Dryer.
  • Formulation and filling services for nutraceuticals (hard gelatine capsules) in Clean Room. V-mixer with liquid injection and automatic sieving machine.
  • Manual and semi-automatic filling service for different formats in the Clean Room.