Extraction and Encapsulation of Ingredients

Sometimes the bioactivity of a product is limited by the concentration, bioavailability and stability of its bioactive ingredients against environmental or physiological conditions.

Many of the bioactive compounds with beneficial effects on health are found in low concentrations in the natural sources where they are found. For this reason CIDAF has a wide range of advanced techniques that will allow the extraction and concentration of the compounds of interest from the sources of origin. These technologies combined with preparative chromatography will allow the isolation of the molecules of interest that provide the healthy effects on the organism.

  • Extraction of bioactive compounds by conventional techniques.
  • Extraction of bioactive compounds by advanced techniques:
    - Supercritical fluid extraction.
    - Extracción con fluidos presurizados.
    - Microwave assisted extraction.
  • Optimisation of extraction processes and evaluation of parameters affecting the recovery of the compounds of interest.
  • Purification and isolation of bioactive compounds:
    - Cromatografía semipreparativa.
    - Extracción en fase sólida.

In addition, CIDAF has different technologies that allow the encapsulation of functional ingredients, on the one hand, allowing the controlled release of the components in the organism and, on the other, increasing the stability and protection of these components against different environmental conditions. Similarly, these technologies allow the masking of undesirable organoleptic characteristics related to the ingredient or an improvement in its solubility in different media.

  • Encapsulation of functional ingredients by spray drying and fluidised bed.
  • Particle agglomeration by fluidised bed.
  • Optimisation of encapsulation processes and individual assessment of encapsulation efficiency.
  • Optimisation of product drying processes by spray drying and freeze drying.