Bioactivity Assessment

Determining the bioactive capacities of the functional ingredient or its components is essential to know the added value that the final product will have.

Our technology centre has the necessary equipment to evaluate the bioactive characteristics of your functional ingredient in vitro using quick and simple techniques. Our methods allow us to determine everything from antioxidant capacity to antihypertensive, antiglycaemic, anticholesterolemic and anticholesterol properties, among others.

  • Evaluation of antioxidant activity by FRAP, DPPH, TEAC and ORAC methods.
  • Evaluation of the activation/inhibition of enzymes; Proteases (MMPs, elastase,...), Pro-inflammatory (LOX, COX), Pro-oxidants (XO), Anti-oxidants (SOD, CAT, GPx) and Insulin, among others.
  • Assays of antihypertensive, anticholesterolemic, antiglycaemic, antimicrobial potential and more.
  • Determination of anti-aging capabilities.
  • Evaluation of antifungal and antimicrobial activity.
  • Evaluation of the prebiotic effect.
  • Evaluation In vitro of gastrointestinal resistance.
  • Development of specific analytics for your activity of interest.