Interview on Canal Sur Radio about Ecoinsect project

We are delighted to share a special interview on CanalSur Radio with Raquel del Pino García, the researcher at CIDAF Centro Tecnológico who is in charge of coordinating one of our most innovative projects, the ECOINSECT Operational Group.

In this interview for the Canal Sur Mediodía-Granada programme, our colleague highlights the importance of finding sustainable solutions in the food industry to reduce horticultural waste, find new sources of alternative protein and improve production in organic crops.

The Canal Sur Radio team gave us the opportunity to delve into the details of how CIDAF, together with the companies and entities collaborating in the ECOINSECT project: Grupo La Caña, Econatur, Insectalia, FIDESOL and Cooperativas Agro-alimentarias de Andalucía, are contributing to the sustainable production of high-protein flours and organic biofertilisers through the rearing of insects and their supplementation with cucumber and tomato waste.

If you haven’t had the chance to listen to the interview yet, we invite you to tune in to Canal Sur Radio at to find out more about our project and how we are contributing (min 48). 📻

Thanks to Canal Sur Radio for highlighting our work and for helping us spread the word about our project! 👏

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